You may know already from visiting my site is that I live in China. I live in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China to be exact, which is about 100km west of Shanghai. I have lived in China for over 3 years now, I spent my first year in Suzhou teaching english and two years in Shanghai as a web developer. Now I have returned to Suzhou to be closer with my wife and work as a web+app UI designer.

Something I have wanted to do since I have arrived in China is to write about life in China and how I have adapted my day to day life. I love cooking, electronics & Chinese culture and I want to write about it to help anyone who is thinking of coming to China as well as tips for people who are currently living here.

With that said, I will call this section of my blog “CRASH COURSE CHINA” where I will write all the things I have learned in China, some topics I have drafted are;

  • Food and Cooking
  • e-Bikes in China
  • Law and Order
  • Living with Chinese Internet
  • Love and Marriage
  • Buying & Maintaining stuff in China

I want to talk about things that I have learned by my self and stuff that no-one else online talks about, you wont find any of the common living in China stuff here. Think of these as “Life Hacks” for China.

If you live near Suzhou and want to contact me feel free to add me on wechat or email me (links in the bottom of the page)